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Wound Care Education

As we work through the new OASIS-C Guidance, it is becoming more evident that if an agency had to choose one thing to improve their financial and clinical status in the coming year, it would be to improve the overall wound skills in their agency.

With time being short and budgets being strapped with training and holidays on the horizon, we took some time this time this morning and researched available online information. The first four links will take you to education that you can complete online or to a vendor who will come to your office at no charge to provide education. The last link is something we found on the internet this morning. It has numerous articles that guide nurses through the assessment and documentation of wounds. I even managed to snag some CEUs this morning!

Most of you already know that the full OASIS-C manual was released today. A link will be posted on our website this afternoon. Training will be offered at our office on Nov 12 and 19 and we are happy to make arrangements to visit your office for onsite training.

As always, if you have any questions, ideas or comments, please feel free to email us at or call us.

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