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Therapeutic Diets

Wound Healing And Your Diet – Print Version

Tips for healthy vegetarians

Eating Well As You Get Older

low lit healthy plate

Heart Health Diet Mayo Clinic level 3

Healthy Ways to Increase Calories and Protein _ Patient Education

Dysphagia Mechanically Altered Diet

Diabetic DASH Diet




Constipation prevention from Mayo

california diet manual

Arthritis Today strawberries

Arthritis Today eat to beat inflammation

Arthritis Today Antioxidents

Arthritis Today adding whole grains

Arthritis Self Treatmentshort DASH Guide

Choose My Plate

Choose my Plate is a website funded by our government that offers mostly low literacy resources for nutrition and exercise.  Most information is very short and to the point and is useful as reminders or reinforcement of previously learned materials.  The materials are brightly colored and attractive and make eating right seem fun, if you ask me but I am not on a strict 1800 cal ADA, low sodium, low fat, low sugar diet.

Adding Veggies to meals

Build a Healthy Plate

Choose My Plate

Dairy Products

Eat more Protien

Eat More Veggies

Salt and sodium

Smart Shopping Produce


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