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Diabetes Teaching Guides

Note:  Most of the dietary guidelines will be found in the Diet section of Teaching Guides.   I do not use them very often but defer to the NIH Senior Health Eating Well as You Grow Older handout which easily accommodates multiple chronic illnesses.  You may have to make minor adjustments.


Four steps diabetes

SIMPLE diabetes


low lit DM

at risk for diabetes

Diabetic Diet


diabetes warning signs complications

ADA health food choices

Diabetes Superfoods

basics for DM eating,

Diabetic Feet


Foot Complications – Basic but good information from the American Diabetes Association for patients

American Diabetes Association

feet_hcguide A Healthcare Providers Guide to the Diabetic Foot.  Excellent for educating Staff or yourself.

simple foot assessment form Used in the UK for a ‘simple diabetic foot check’.

Peripheral Neuropathy- Medline

low literacy diabetic foot care

Resources for Clinicians


This is an online course with 6 Continuing Education Credits attached offered at no cost by The Lower Extremity Amputation Prevention program.  The program is headquartered out of the old Hansen’s Disease/Federal Prison facilities in Carville, LA.

diabetes order form    An order form for mono-filaments for diabetic foot checks.  You may also order online at the above site.


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