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God Bless Tech Support

Click Here for New Inservice designed to help you avoid F2F denials. 

I carefully considered the requests I received from those you who wanted to know if I had the time and ability to provide an inservice on the Face-to-Face document.  The problem is that the expense for travel as well as the practicality of travelling to multiple states presents a daunting challenge.  Obviously, you would pay the travel expenses but who would sit here and write appeals if I were away?

So, like you, I had to embrace the technology available to me and find some way to provide you with the required information at an affordable price in a manner that did not take me away from doing the work at hand.  I went through two online vendors last week and finally settled on one called SkyPrep.  Now, to be certain, these guys aren’t bad at all but like all computer vendors, they have issues.

The biggest issue is that they take weekends off.  So, all weekend long, I converted PowerPoint presentations and uploaded them various different formats for your viewing pleasure.  None of them had any audio included.  So, I spoke louder.  You may notice that as you watch the presentation.

Sometime around Saturday afternoon, I decided I was too far in to back out now in terms of time.  I continued to record, increase my volume, slowly upload, convert files and sort files like a trooper.  By Sunday morning, I was like a pointman in the marines determined to lead this adventure to a victorious ending or at least one where there were no casualties.  By two o’clock Monday morning, I realized I was defeated.

So, I came to the office this morning and the nice people had returned from their weekends off and informed that the FoxFire browswer was not supported.  That would have been relevant information, don’t you think?

But at last, I have a presentation for you that costs what it would cost you to pay for my services for one appeal.  The beauty of this, though, is that hopefully, you can prevent future denials.

I am hopeful that other organizations who are taking this battle to Washington have great success in permanently relaxing the regulations regarding the Face-to-Face encounter.  Meanwhile, take advantage of my experience in appealing these denials and learn what it is Medicare is looking for.  More importantly, check out the actual denials.  They are the real McCoy.  It’s one thing to read the instructions but still another to see how they are implemented.   Also, see for yourself denials that should have never happened and learn why so you can be victorious in your appeals.  I assure you there is no way I can do every appeal that needs to be done!

I hope you take the hour to watch the presentation and gain from our experience.  I was having fun putting it together for a little while and then SkyPrep took the weekend off and ruined my in turn.

Let me know what you think.

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  1. I’m just wondering if there are certain dates for the training? Or, do I sign up one day and then I have to watch it the next day? I’d like to set up a meeting for managers and have it at a set time/place, so can I sign up and schedule the day for viewing? Thank you. Angie

    October 25, 2013

    • Angela, I chose online training because it is ready when you are. Once you sign up, you have a full day to finish watching it. It’s like renting a movie on iTunes. Does this work for you?

      November 10, 2013

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