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A Source for Patient Meds

Obviously, we spend a lot of time in the internet in our office looking up regs, updating the blog and following listservs. As a result, we have several favorite websites. One that I think everyone can benefit from is

On this website, you will find patient assistance applications for just about any drug you can imagine. When patients cannot afford medications, this is the place to go. It not only has the applications but the requirements for qualifying for assistance. Since many of the qualifying criteria involve a percentage of the federal poverty level, information is provided about the federal poverty level. And just to make life heavenly for viewers there is a list of free and discount clinics by area.

You can even realize a savings in your care delivery by using this service. It does not require the skills of an MSW to use this site. If the only need for an MSW your patient has is being unable to afford medications, consult this list first. MSWs provide an invaluable skill to our patients but when they are reduced to filling out forms, I wonder if they are over-utilized.

Many thanks to Dr. Richard Sagall and his crew for all the work that went into this service.

As always questions and comments can be addressed to us at or left in the comment section below.

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