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Ten Things about OASIS-C

  1. Say Goodbye to MO numbers. We now have M numbers.
  2. Most of the assessment numbers have changed completely from what we are used to.
  3. The question that has replaced MO440 about the presence of a wound or lesion has been modified to specify skin lesions and open wounds receiving intervention by the home health agency.
  4. Those of you expecting the time for assessments to be increased may be pleasantly surprised. With the exception of the transfer assessment, other OASIS assessments have been increased by one or two questions only.
  5. The date of referral is now an OASIS item. Could it be that someone is interested in seeing if your agency admits patients within 48 hours of referral as mandated by the Conditions of Participation?
  6. MO660 assessing the frequency of disruptive behavior problems has been assessed with M1745. M17454 reads: Frequency of Disruptive Behavior Symptoms (reported or observed) Any physical, verbal, or other disruptive/dangerous symptoms that are injurious to self or others or jeopardizes personal safety.
  7. The OASIS-C dataset asks about ‘formal’ screens for depression, pain and pressure ulcer risk. This does not refer to attire.
  8. Vaccination status will be assessed. Note that the flu season is October 31 through March 31. If your agency does not have a flu vaccination program then many assessments in January will reflect that your patient has not received a flu vaccine.
  9. Actual wound measurements are included in the dataset
  10. A comprehensive Care Management Grid is included as part of the assessment that covers ADL/IADLs, meds, treatments, equipment manager, supervision and advocacy.

We are preparing education material for agencies to help them get ready for OASIS-C. Look for updates next week. As always we welcome your comments and questions below in the comments section or by email to

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