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Various and Sundry Teaching Guides

This is not some formal teaching guide list.  There may be some information that is technically not a teaching guide but education for nurses.  Alternatively, I tend to misfile things at times.  The point is, I am uploading my personal files for you to use should you choose to do so.  They are teaching materials I have gathered from around the internet when I am reviewing charts.

If you think of it, email me a copy of any teaching guides that you find in your web surfing adventures that you think will benefit your colleagues.  My standards are simple.  I like to pull information from well respected sources and I leave the name of the source on the handout so you can see if it has been updated.

For heaven’s sake, if something big has changed and the teaching guide doesn’t reflect it, please let me know.

Cardiac Teaching Guides

Diabetic Teaching Guides

Falls and Safety

HIV Teaching Guides

Medication Errors

Therapeutic Diets


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